Defend The Culture A3c

Defend the Culture A3C

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Event Location:
Haze Elite Lounge
211 peachtree st sw

About The Event:

Hip hop is in a state of emergency. In order to bring it back to what it should be, we are going to have to defend it. Our culture is being diluted and appropriated right before our eyes. The responsibility lies within each of us to defend the culture to the highest degree. We live and die over our ability to express ourselves. We dont have freedom, we have our culture. By defending it, you defend yourself, your family, and our future.

Defend the Culture is a call to action. Do not embrace “swagger jackers” or “culture vultures”. Defend the culture. Together, we will restore Hip Hop to it’s appropriate prestige. 

Speakers such as Fish Scales from Nappy roots , Chilly -O an few other goodies will be in the building.

Hosted by Westwood P & Y0$#! (Yoshi)  the cat in the hat that can rap 

Sounds by – Dj Heavy B 

Created by Defend Atlanta , Yoshi Crew Ent , N Haze Elite Lounge

2019-10-11 17:00

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